The Bach Suites
according to Stéphane Tétreault

After many years of waiting, Quebec’s outstanding cellist Stéphane Tétreault will undertake the Suites for Solo Cello by Johann Sebastian Bach!!

It is understood that the current COVID-19 crisis has deeply affected the classical music community in Quebec. However, it is possible for artists to aspire to collaborations with presenters and organizations that have also struggled alongside our artists during this pandemic.

This project aims to develop and, in some cases, deepen these links and present Bach’s timeless music in concert halls, in a safe responsible manner, while respecting public health guidelines. The public needs these moments of peace, reflection, and beauty, let’s work together in offering an inspirational moment for all!

Discover the magic of the Suites in the hands of this young virtuoso, a unique concert that is sure to uplift our spirits during this difficult transition. An inspirational offering in this moment of time; what more could we wish for?

Information & booking:
Ginette Ravary
+1 (514) 388-6442

As he lifted his bow after the final movement, audience members were immediately on their feet for a long ovation, lauding his impressive performance.

Sarah MacdonaldSaskatoon StarPhoenix

Tétreault has tremendous technique, making his playing seem effortless. His approach is notable for the thinking that has gone into shaping musical lines and giving the music momentum.

John TeraudsToronto Star

For a music critic, few things are more satisfying than watching a young prodigy bloom into a complete, mature artist. Quebec cellist Stéphane Tétreault has been making the classical music world sit up and take notice since he was a teenager. At 24, he’s fulfilled every prediction for a dazzling international career, while losing none of his passion and expressive charm.

Natasha GauthierArts File

Tétreault played with a youthful energy and ripe sound. In the second movement, he showed a gorgeous legato touch. In the racing finale, he easily tackled a series of tricky double stops. Together the cellist and conductor Yannick Nézet-Séguin also played about with some indulgent swings in tempo.

Joseph DaltonTimes Union

What a delightful discovery this disk was; and unflashy cover, an a young cellist whose name was completely unknown to me. Yet, after no more than four bars Tétreault had my full attention, so charmed was I by his elegance, lyricism and faithful yet personality filled readings.

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